NEARA in action

The glue that binds NEARA members are three “Cs”, Curiosity, Common interests and Camaraderie. We gather in member’s living rooms swapping adventure tales after an invigorating field trip in the woods or a work party to map and measure new to us mysterious stone constructions. On special occasions, we watch in wonder as the last rays of the solstice sun creep along the floor of a stone chamber to light the back wall before disappearing beneath the horizon. Together we ponder new ideas over a nightcap in the lounge after the programs end at the semiannual meetings or debate the merits of the various presentations while perusing the contents of offerings at the book sales table. In addition, we share ideas through the yahoo members group and here on www.neara.org’s members only section.


Why Chapters?

Local Chapters enable members to participate in ongoing activities. Chapter Coordinators keep members informed of field trips, meeting and events of regional interest. Join your NEARA associates for study, research and fellowship. Chapter field trips offer a chance to investigate sites not generally known to the public. Experts in many fields share their time and knowledge both as field guides and as speakers at chapter meetings. Under chapter guidance, members may develop techniques of site evaluation and are encouraged to use their skills in expanding the source material that forms the foundation of NEARA's unique research. Through local stewardship and organizational partnerships, we work to foster preservastion of lithic sites and their related surounding landscapes.


Each spring and fall, NEARA holds an open meeting at varying locations throught New England. There an "open Forum atmosphere prevails, with speakers, both professional and amateurs, who are deeply involved with NEARA issues. Field Trips are and integral part of the gatherings. Detailed information is available on these semi-annual conferences with links to download archived agendas. Read More.