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From the banks of the Connecticut River to the ridges of the Green Mountains, the by ways of Vermont are scattered with an amazing collection of enigmatic stone constructions. For over forty years, NEARA members have been recording and studying chambers, huge platform cairns, even a capped wall over a stream coursing down the hillside. Yet new sites still mysterious are being found and the work goes on.


Vermont Coordinator

Vermont coordinator
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VERMONT – LISA GANNON: The NEARA 2011 Fall Meeting in Burlington, VT was a great success! Many thanks to all the members who attended and to those who made it all possible, especially Glenn Kreisberg, Sue Carlson and Donna Thompson. The Sunday field trips went on for eight hours. for those who opted not to go home after the freak Halloween snowstorm. The snow levels in Vermont are far below normal, following the record rains of 2011. If this weather trend continues, it may afford early spring scouting in the woods. I hope to gather the troops in early April, details to be announced. We will hold a few field trips this year, but not monthly as in years past. I am unusually busy this year. One goal will be to get to the Andover cairns, which we were prevented from accessing by Hurricane Irene. On May 9th, I will be the keynote speaker at the Jericho Underhill Land Trust Annual Meeting. I will reprise my talk given at the Fall 2011 NEARA meeting on the "Sacred Landscape of West Bolton," whose lithic features were accidentally preserved in large part by the actions of the JULT. It will be interesting to see their reaction to this information.


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