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split boulderLocal chapters enable members to participate in various activities, including field trips, research and preservation initiatives.  Chapter coordinators keep members informed of field trips, meetings and events of regional interest.  Local field trips offer members a chance to investigate sites in our local regions.  Chapter coordinators report to our biannual confererences on events and research in our local regions.  Indigenous stonework is found across the Americas.  Chapters allow us to focus on examples found in the Northeast, while conferences frequently feature reports on related stonework styles located in distant regions. 

      Through local stewardship and organizational partnerships, NEARA works to foster preservation of lithic sites and their related landscapes.  We partner with land trusts and federal, tribal, state, and local government entities to protect extant stone constructions.  As awareness of these constructions grows, so does the consensus for preservation.  NEARA members have been actively supporting the United South and Eastern Tribes' (USET) efforts to encourage the growing recognition and nomination to the National Register of ceremonial stone landscapes (CSL) in the East.  We network with related organizations and individuals across a broad region to share research and advocate for preservation of these extant features disappearing from the landscape.   Development, neglect and natural forces can be countered with knowledge and advocacy.  

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