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The NEARA library offers a unique opportunity for members to research a wide array of subjects related to antiquity across the globe.  In addition to the non-circulating volumes of our Special Collection, several thousand circulating volumes are available for loan to members. 

We have a broad collection of titles relating to ethnology, early seafaring, Native American topics, landscape studies, archaeology, archaeoastronomy, petroglyphs, comparative religion, history, megaliths, mythology, ancient civilizations, etc.

Having recently relocated the library to Nashua, NH, we are in the process of establishing policies to make these books accessible to members.  The plan is for members to be able to go onto our website and reserve desired titles from a listing of those available, and these will be delivered to them at the next meeting, with the understanding these will either be returned at the subsequent meeting, returned in person, or mailed back.  Check back here and watch your email for updates.  Limited dates and hours during which the library will be open throughout the year, and the availability of hours by appointment, will be
POSTED HERE once worked out.

The move to a much smaller, affordable space in Nashua means we are downsizing by deaccessioning many duplicate and extraneous titles.  These will be offered for sale to members at the upcoming meetings. 

The NEARA library is located at 142 Main St., Nashua, NH in room 215 of the Landmark Building. 

Metered parking is available on the street or park behind the vacant Indian Head Bank building at Temple & Main St.

(building at right above)

There is also a parking garage on the next block west of Main St.  Numerous dining options are available downtown.