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Atlantic Canada Chapter

Contact the coordinator at Atlantic-Canada-coord@neara.org

Mysterious stone structures and enigmatic petroglyphs can be found scattered throughout Atlantic Canada, northeast of New England. In working to understand and preserve this heritage, there is a great advantage to Canadians and New Englanders to work together under the NEARA umbrella. We do have a few NEARA members in Atlantic Canada, but more are needed. Ideally, we'd like to have enough members so that each Atlantic Province could be represented here separately, but they are combined for now.


Overton Stone, by Terry J. Deveau.

Early History of Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia, by Paul Wroclawski.

Stories in Stone, an episode of the Land and Sea TV series. Requires login at CBC Gem, season 15 episode 13 .

Evidence of Early 16th Century Portuguese Activity in Nova Scotia - Terry J. Deveau - 2024-04-30 video

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Hidden traces of early Europeans in the remains of a drowned forest - Terry J. Deveau - 2023-01-24 video

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