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Fall 2022 Conference

The conference was held at the unique Latchis Theater in Brattleboro Vermont.

The theme for the conference was: What our Site Research and Science Teach us about Northeast History.

View the program at Fall 2022 Program.

View the publicly viewable videos on the NEARA Fall Conference 2022 playlist.


The videos are on our new YouTube channel. Videos that are only available for NEARA members are behind a login at SiteDB.org.

Field Trips

One field trip was on Friday, and two were on Sunday.


The "Shrine" megalith, by Janice S. Stone
The ravenous Chamber #2 and the winner of our Head First Award, by Janice S. Stone

At the Latchis Theater

Anne Marie Kittredge, by Matt Adams
Dan Pezzoni, by Matt Adams
Dan Pezzoni, by Matt Adams
Not quite life-sized image of Newport Tower, with Jim Egan, by Janice S. Stone
Vance Tiede, by Matt Adams
Terry Deveau, by Matt Adams
Dr. John O'Shea, by Matt Adams