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Categories of Stone Structures

Ceremonial Stone Landscapes, by Larry Harrop

Some Photos Taken by Our Members

Want to contribute? Send us a few really good photos that you have taken. Email them to sites@neara.org. Please include a short caption, including the county and state in which you took the photo, the date you took the photo, and the name and description you would like to include in the caption.

NEARA Field Trip? unknown author, date, location; from NEARA Archives
The Head of a Turtle Effigy Cairn, Windsor County VT, by Mark Starr
Plymouth County MA, 2022-08-20, by Walter van Roggen
"Magic Rock", Oxford County ME, 2022-07-16, by Walter van Roggen
Split Rock, Middlesex County MA, 2022-07-26, by Walter van Roggen
Tree pointing at perched boulder, New London County CT, by Chris Loughlin
Perched boulder, pointed at by bent tree, New London County CT, by Chris Loughlin
Niche, Franklin County MA, 2021-03-20, by Su Hoyle
Observation seat facing north, Franklin County MA, 2021-03-27, by Su Hoyle
West portal, Franklin County MA, 2021-03-27, by Su Hoyle
Spring niche, Franklin County MA, 2021-03-27, by Su Hoyle
Trail marker tree, Tolland County CT, 2020-09-13, by Chris Loughlin
Some of the Embden petroglyphs, Somerset ME
Platform, Putnam County NY
A section of the Kensington Rune Stone, Douglas County MN
King Phillip's Cave, Norfolk County MA
"Lion Rock", by Teresa Bierce

If you contribute photos to NEARA, you retain copyright of your works, but you grant NEARA the non-exclusive, perpetual, and irrevocable permission to publish them on its web sites and publications.

If you are a current member of NEARA and have given us your email address, you can see a lot more photos from the Archives at SiteDB.org.