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NEARA's Meggers Library and Archives offers a unique opportunity for members to research a wide array of subjects related to antiquity across the globe, focusing on lithic structures and cultures of northeastern US and eastern Canada. In addition to the non-circulating volumes of our Special Collection, several thousand circulating volumes are available for loan to members.

We have a broad collection of titles relating to ethnology, early seafaring, Native American topics, landscape studies, archaeology, archaeoastronomy, petroglyphs, comparative religion, history, megaliths, mythology, and ancient civilizations.

View our collection online at: NEARA Library. You can also browse our complete collection online at: NEARA Library catalog.

a screenshot of the online NEARA Library catalog a screenshot of some book listings in the online NEARA Library catalog

Or go directly to: NEARA Library search. For more complicated searches, go to: Advanced Search.

Try searching particular Library of Congress call letter + number categories. Popular categories for NEARA are:

You can reserve books now for pick-up at the next conference, or we can arrange for some other way to get the books to you. But note that some of the books in our collection are non-circulating, even though they may currently be listed as "Available".

The move to the space in Nashua means we are deaccessioning some duplicate and extraneous titles. These books and videos will be offered for sale to members online and at conferences. To see the collection of books that we are deaccessioning, look at the list of NEARA Library books for sale. This list will be updated occasionally, so come back to see what new books have been added to it. Look for the tag "sell". You can reserve books now for purchase at the next conference, or we can arrange for some other way to get the books to you.

some of the stacks at the NEARA Library


NEARA's Archives include many documents of the organization, including:

We are in the midst of digitizing the NEARA Archives. If you are a member of NEARA you can see photos and some of the documents at SiteDB.org. See how sites and people(!) looked like back in the 1960's - 1980's.

a screenshot of the sitedb.org home page a screenshot from sitedb.org showing many images from the Newport Tower

Due to the sensitive nature of many of the documents, such as the Site Reports, we have limited access to them. Tell us what research you want to do. If we do not know you well, it would help to get the support of a member of the Board of Directors, such as a Chapter Coordinator.

Please submit site reports to the sites@neara.org. We are no longer accepting paper reports, but we have not yet implemented online site report forms. We can set up a Google Shared Drive so that you can easily upload site reports for us to download to the SiteDB. Information about how the SiteDB is organized is at SiteDB Folder Structure

If you are a member of NEARA you can read all of the Journals and Transits that NEARA has ever published, at SiteDB.org. Also available are Epigraphic Society publications and many of the Early Sites Research Society publications. For an introduction to the site, please read Introduction. Access policies are at Archives Policies.

the building where the NEARA Library is located in downtown Nashua New Hampshire


The NEARA library is located at 142 Main St., Nashua New Hampshire, in room 215 of the Landmark Building. View NEARA on Google Maps.

Contact the NEARA Librarian to schedule a visit. Metered parking is available on the street or in a parking garage on the next block west of Main St. Numerous dining options are available downtown.

Love Books?

Do you love books about history and archaeology and anthropology?
Do you live near Nashua, New Hampshire?
Give yourself access to thousands of fascinating books by joining NEARA and volunteering at the library.
Contact us at librarian@neara.org.


You can donate collections of books to NEARA -- contact the Librarian librarian@neara.org. We have limited space, so please only donate good books in good condition.

Please help us fund our research projects and preservation efforts and library and archives at: Donate.