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Spring 2023 Conference

For the first time we met in Pennsylvania, in Matamoras, just across the Delaware River from Port Jervis New York, from April 28th to April 30th.

View the program at NEARA 2023 Spring Conference Program.

View the publicly viewable videos on the NEARA Spring Conference 2023 playlist.


The videos are on our new YouTube channel. Videos that are only available for NEARA members are behind a login at SiteDB.org.

Friday Evening

Saturday Morning

Saturday Afternoon

Saturday Evening Keynote

Sunday Morning, Replacing the Field Trips

Annual General Meeting

We held the annual NEARA general meeting on Saturday morning. There were no election results to report. Many of the chapter coordinators gave brief reports about past activities and future field trips.

Field Trips

Three field trips were held on Friday, but the two scheduled for Sunday were rained out, replaced by four remarkably well prepared impromptu presentations.


Want to contribute one or two good photos? Send email to webmaster@neara.org.

by Walter van Roggen
Norman Muller, by Peter Anick
Matt Adams, Doug Crowell, Evan Pritchard, Sam Hendricks
High Point Cairns, by Martin Rapp
Turtle Rock field trip, by Terry Deveau
Turtle Rock, Ulster County NY, by Walter van Roggen
Turtle Rock, by Walter van Roggen
Pike County PA, by Melanie Mayhew
Pike County PA, by Melanie Mayhew
Pike County PA, by Melanie Mayhew